Test d’Inglese – Livello Avanzato

Welcome to your Advanced Entry Test by Eurolingue School.

There are 30 questions in this test and you have 15 minutes to complete it.

1. She was .... to fall, but he grabbed her hand at the last moment.Choose the correct option. 
2. James is looking forward to .... his brother.
3. I am proud .... this year's winner.
4. .... has she been studying English?
5. She insisted .... talking to her lawyer.Add the missing word. 
6. I apologise .... being late.Add the missing word. 
7. Your .... was unacceptable.Choose the correct option.
8. You should give .... smoking, it's really bad for your health.Add the missing word.
9. She's shy, so she's afraid .... talk to people.Add the missing word. 
10. No one knows for sure when or .... cats became very popular household pets.Add the missing word. 
11. John will fight .... and nail to prevent any scheme which threatens local livelihoods.Choose the correct option. 
12. I would be …. to write another test like this one.
13. My Spanish is really .... as I don’t use it very often.
14. Climbing up the rock face I felt a .... of adrenaline.
15. The splinter was finally pulled out with ....
16. I need to lie down, I have a .... headache.
17. Her parents used to be relatively well .... before they lost all their money in bad investments.
18. It’s important to weigh .... the advantages and disadvantages before you take action.
19. ..... the cost, many people go skydiving regularly.Add the missing word.
20. This is by .... the best coffee I have ever tasted!Add the missing word.
21. Not only .... late, he was drunk, too!
22. He categorically denied .... anything to do with the robbery.Add the missing word.
23. I’m not used .... up early.Choose the correct option.
24. Sailing towards the harbour, I remembered how it .... on my first visit, ten years earlier.
25. You ..... said that, it was very rude!
26. What .... if you had been in my place?
27. .... you require more assistance, please telephone.
28. I’m using my brother’s car at the moment because mine .... repaired.
29. Dad will be pleased to see you and .... will I.
30. I’d rather you .... Chinese at school.